Finasteride tablets for hair: instructions, price and recommendations

Finasteride for hair loss is mainly responsible for stopping hair loss. Already other drugs are used to stimulate their growth. As a result of numerous clinical studies, it was found that finasteride can help with virtually any type of alopecia. The most interesting thing about this product is a convenient way to use it. It is enough to drink only one tablet per day and after a while you will begin to notice the first signs of recovery.

What is Finasteride?

Finasteride is a substance that is actively used to treat alopecia. But initially it was developed entirely for other purposes.

Various preparations with finasteride in their composition are used to treat prostate diseases and prevent urological complications.

Finasteride is most effective for androgenic alopecia, because it primarily affects the level of testosterone, and its interaction with the hair roots changes. Androgenic alopecia most often occurs in men. That is why this drug will be most in demand among men.

Does Finasteride work for hair loss?

Dihydrotestosterone is an active form of testosterone. It is his excess in the body that leads to the fact that a person begins to go bald. This type of hormone negatively affects the hair follicles, blocking their growth.

Finasteride prevents the formation of dihydrotestosterone, which reduces its negative impact on hair growth.

As a result of prolonged use of the drug, hair loss may stop completely. However, unfortunately for patients, Finasteride is not very effective for stimulating the growth of new hair. All Finasteride can do is stop alopecia at its current level of development.

In order to restore the old hair, you have to resort to using other medicines. Therefore, finasteride cannot be considered an effective single agent. It is best to use it in conjunction with other drugs, but only the attending physician can make accurate appointments on this matter.

What are the results of Finasteride for hair loss?

In order to understand how effective Finasteride is in hair loss, it’s not even necessary to look for reviews about this drug. All the necessary information can be obtained by studying some of the research conducted in professional clinics or laboratories.

In the most famous experiment involved more than a thousand men aged 8 to 41 years with the average stage of androgenic alopecia. During the year, they took 1 mg of finasteride as part of a specific drug.

As a result of this study, the following results were obtained:

What drugs with Finasteride can be taken to stop hair loss?

The most famous drug with finasteride in the composition is Propecia. It is this drug drug was used in the previously mentioned experiment.

However, in the treatment of androgenic alopecia, not only this medicine will be effective. As we have said, initially finasteride was used to treat prostate diseases and urinary problems in men. In the same role, Finasteride is still used.

On the shelves of pharmacies you can find a lot of medicines with the necessary dosage of finasteride, for example, Proscar, Finasteride, Finast. All these drugs will also give their results.

However, the final decision in favor of exactly which tablets should be used is taken only by the attending physician.

Finasteride Dosage. When to take finasteride?

Studies have shown that dosages of finasteride from 0.2 to 5 mg give the same results. Therefore, there is no point in increasing the usual dosage, you will not achieve a greater result.

For this reason, the drug with finasteride composition in an amount of 1 mg is recommended to take only one tablet per day. You will get the same results even if you were taking drugs with a lower dosage, but most often in pharmacies there are drugs with 1 mg of finasteride.

The course of treatment for hair loss with Finasteride can be completely without limitations. You can see the first real results only after 2–3 months of its use. In total, you will have to take finasteride for hair loss for almost the rest of your life, because the effect is not cumulative. You can stop alopecia only for the period when you take the pills.

Does Finasteride have any contraindications?

Finasteride is completely unsuitable for girls. It slightly increases the amount of testosterone in the body, so it can affect many of the biological processes in the body of a girl.

Also, Finasteride is banned for men under 18 years of age. Of course, it is not worth taking it even with individual intolerance to the components.

It is best to familiarize oneself with exact contraindications directly in the instructions for Finasteride. As for the treatment of hair loss can be used a variety of tablets with finasteride in the composition.

Does Finasteride have any side effects?

Finasteride very rarely has side effects. Patients usually tolerate it well. But those men who are not lucky, have to put up with extremely unpleasant ailments, such as decreased libido, decreased ejaculate, gynecomastia.

For these reasons, Finasteride should be taken completely under the supervision of specialists.

How much do drugs with Finasteride cost?

Propecia is one of the most expensive hair loss products. Finasteride in its composition is best tolerated, so this type of medicine is still very much in demand, despite its price. The price of Propecia can vary from $ 12 to $ 160 per pack.

Drugs created for the treatment of prostatitis are somewhat cheaper, but they have more side effects and they are no longer so ideal for treating hair loss.

How to get Finasteride?

With the development of the Internet and the activity of modern people, the development of online sales has reached high levels. Therefore, the emergence of online pharmacies is a pattern.

Today, these pharmacies allow anyone to get Finasteride and other drugs through the Internet. You will not have difficulty in placing an order for Finasteride, because to make a purchase, you must select the desired product and complete the purchase.

To find Finasteride and get it at a bargain price, you should visit a reliable and proven online pharmacy.

To do this, there are special services search pharmacies. With their help it is very easy to find the right medication. Thanks to the ability to find Finasteride and compare its cost in different online pharmacies, you can purchase Finasteride with profit. If necessary, the medicine can be booked in order to receive it with delivery.

The advantages of online pharmacies are obvious. You do not need to queue up to get Finasteride. To do this, just need to go to the site of a proven pharmacy and select the desired drug.